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[GB] Model OLED Keyboard Kit

$ 450.00
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  • Please take first 11 render images as reference as the final version.
  • Every package is limited to one Model OLED for safe delivery. If you put more than one Model OLED in an order, we'll send you an invoice for paying insufficient shipping fee and separating them into individual packages when shipping.
  • Please be aware that this kit doesn't include switches, PCB stabilizers, keycaps and cables.
  • Please note that the after-sale service is for exterior. Some inevitable marks/defects of interior are acceptable.
  • Please don't add other in stock products with Model OLED together.

Groupbuy Period: 2024.01.12 8pm GMT+8 to 2024.02.14 10pm GMT+8

Production & Shipping Date: 3 to 4 months after 2024.02.15

Find Your Local Vendor(might have different starting & ending date due to their schedules): 

US - NovelKeys_
CA - ashkeebs
KR - Swagkeys
EU - Candykeys
UK - Proto[Typist]
OCE - Daily Clack
VN - The Keebs Store
SEA - qwertyqop

Build Streams & Youtube Review

2023.12.24 mechmerlin

2024.01.08 Alexotos

2024.01.14 Taeha Types

DBOKEY review(not out yet)

Designed & Made by Play Keyboard


Inspired by the king of keyboards - IBM Model M. A design we wanted to remake into a mechanical keyboard the most.

The Curve

Brings you a wonderful typing experience - not just a look.

Retro OLED Pushbutton

A fun component to replace the original IBM badge area. Not only shows your custom images but also an extra programmable F13 key.


Decorates your retro vibe.


400mm x 184mm x 34.5mm
18mm front height
1957g for case & plate

Materials & Finish:

6061 aluminum
Industrial coating
Curved silver anodized aluminum switch plate
Chromium plated bottom case

PCB Features:

Designed by ekow@KeeBoyzLAB
1.2mm thickness
USB C interface
QMK firmware, VIA supported
TKL/WKL layout supported
F13 OLED pushbottm. Programmable. Image(jpg, png, gif...) switching supported.

Case Features:

6061 aluminum case
High quality industrial coating
Chromium plated bottom case
Curved anodized silver aluminum switch plate
Ergonomic curve design as IBM Model M


Top Case x 1
Curved Middle Frame x 1
Bottom Case x 1
Curved Switch Plate x 1
MCU Board(OLED Pushbutton pre-installed) & FFC Cable x 1
PCBA(switch PCB) x 1
USB C Connector Daughter Board & Cable x 1
Solenoid x 1
Solenoid Stand x 1
Poron Bottom Film x 1
Screw Set x 1
OLED Screen Protector Set x 1
Carrying Case x 1

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